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Massive Protective Services is a private security agency located in South Florida. Our security professionals are highly trained, experienced, and qualified to do the job of keeping you and your family safe. Our bodyguards, patrols, drivers, and security risks officers are trained to respond quickly in an emergency or in a pressured situation. Whether armed or unarmed, we have a security team that meets your needs. Our company is equipped with the latest technology and high-tech equipment to serve and protect our clients better.

Our company is one of the most trusted and known in the security servicing industry in South Florida because our staff are properly trained to deal with risks, danger, and emergency situations. We can work calmly and efficiently even in the most pressured circumstances, thus, you know that you will be safe in our hands.


Executive/UHNWI Protection

Massive Protective Services provides the best in Executive and Celebrity Protection.

Personal protection and secure luxury transportation

Offering lifestyle management in the form of certified and insured bodyguards.

Luxury Asset & Estate Protection

Yes! We can accommodate a need for groups of armed security, asset protection and access control.


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Maritime Security

Luxury Asset Protection

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