954-234-7231 How Much is Security Service in South Florida? Massive Protective Services Gives You Pricing on Protective Services Right Here in South Florida. Licensed Armed Security for Your Needs.
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For Pricing and consultations please call 954-234-7231.

Residential Security

Estate Protection

Residential security can be purchased for home parties or normal nighttime watchman services.

Maritime Security

Boat & Yacht

Have a great time on your yacht for one night or hire an everyday security guard for controlled access.

Security Consulting

Corporate Risk Management

Expert security measures can be implemented in your business or public areas.

Executive Protection

Close Protection Services

Proven celebrity and executive protection you can trust. Proudly serving South Florida

Event Security

Discreet Undercover

Make your next event a great one using our event security services. Our event staff is here to help you with armed and unarmed security.


Security for Your Family

Licensed and insured to drive vehicles. Keep your family safe and secure with our transport and protective services.

Massive Event Security and Armed Personnel

Supplying Armed and Unarmed Personnel

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“Live Massive” and Safe with a Bodyguard

Licensed to Carry Firearms in the State of Florida

For pricing and consultations please call 954-234-7231.