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Massive Protective Services is #1 in personal protection in South Florida. We provide unparalleled security services to our clients. For full protection, it is recommended to have a personal driver and bodyguard. Our personal drivers and bodyguards here at Massive Protective Services are highly trained, experienced, and committed to keeping you and your family safe. 

Having a security driver reduces risk during your most vulnerable time which is in the course of your transportation. 

Specialized personal security to meet your needs

To meet your security needs, our professional team of bodyguards, drivers, and security risks officers will conduct necessary assessments. The results of the risk assessments will help us give the appropriate recommendations for the kind of protection you wish to have. 

Our personal protection services include:

Our personal drivers and bodyguards are equipped with the proper knowledge and training to deal with circumstances that are risky, dangerous, and unexpected. Our staff knows how to respond to emergency situations in a timely and calm manner. 

To know more about our protective services, you can call us at 954-234-7231. You can also send us an email at

We believe that good work speaks for itself so we're happy to supply case studies and customer testimonials on demand.

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